Saturday, 13 September 2014

910 pageviews!!

Hey Jammers,

Wow! 910 Pageviews already!!!! At 1000 pageviews I will make a mini contest, like my Birthday one. Thanks so much guys!! Will post the new item later!



Thursday, 31 July 2014

WInner of contest

Hey Jammers!
Please not that the contest IS over, but I have one going at my Contest blog 

I'm here to announce the winner of my mini Contest!
The number that came out was... 5!!
Hungergamesrock19375 was closest with 3 so she wins her wanted prizes, BETA Open Sign. Congrats!!


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Competition Prizes and Rules

Hey Jammers! As promised, the Comp Prizes and rules

Prizes (As shown above):  Rare Antlers(M)    BETA Open Sign(M)    Rare Lion Hat(M)    BETA Red heart locket(NM)   Rare Tiara(NM)    Rare Blue Glove(NM)

How to enter: Comment a number from 1-20 in the comment area and in 2 days I will Use a number generator (Please also state Which item you would like, Status (Non Member or Member) and your username (if you are non member and you win we will have to organise a time too log on)

Thanks, theseyo ~

Exciting news

Hey Jammers!

For my Birthday, (31st July) I am doing a giveaway. The prizes will be determined later today. On another post explaining what you have too do. Please enter, my last giveaway no one entered

theseyo out ~

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


sorry , got caught in the excitement of the massive den now for sale in the diamond shop!!! it is epic and jamaa's biggest den yet... Only problem is that it's pricey, at 7 diamonds. Still, for the coolness and size, it is a 9.50 / 10. Will post a picture later on, for now,

Happy Jamming Jammers, stay safe and have a good freedom day!!!

theseyo the hyper something or other ;)

Friday, 6 June 2014

Sunday, 27 April 2014

awesome glitch!!!

Hey Jammers! Here is an easy yet awesome glitch to try!

Okay, first you have to go to crystal reef.  Second, you have to go to someones den (who knows what they're doing). Then, turn into a tiger. They lock their den an et voila! A tiger underwater!!! This doesn't work every time, try writing a Jam A Gram. Here is a pic of me underwater. Still there now. Join me for some fun !!!!


Hey guys!

Hey Jammers, school tomorow, SATS very soon after. Therefore, I wont be posting much. SOrry...

Saturday, 26 April 2014

He he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he h eh e oh damn

Dear all Jammers who read this blog, please  DO ignore the title

Sorry for not posting, I was on holiday then doing various things such as ice skating. I'm going roller skating today so I thought I would get my post in before then. THe new item....

Be careful, if you're clumsy around glass it could end up a disaster. Argh! Too many typos. Hem hem, I got a bit carried away there, sorry. =^.^=

theseyo, out. =^.^= (I love this at sign even more than Pink Fluffy Unicorns. Not more than cookies yet though ;)